Causes of skin aging

It should be noted that the main cause of skin aging is the active movement of the facial muscles. By the age of 20, the process of tissue maturation stops. The first appear wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. This is due to the great mobility of the frontal muscle and the circular muscle of the eye.

Methods of skin rejuvenation

  1. Masks for the face with a rejuvenating effect. There are two types of rejuvenating masks: natural and chemical. Since the aging process of the skin is at the cellular level, the natural masks do not always give a tangible result. However, chemical masks also have their drawback: their effect can negatively affect the general state of the human body.
  2. Application of stem cells. This method of rejuvenation is the most popular, as compared to rejuvenating masks has the best performance. Stem cells, which are introduced into the body, can be transformed into any other type of cells in the human body. The action of stem cells is aimed at rejuvenating the entire body. As a result, wrinkles disappear, metabolism improves, etc.
  3. Plastic surgery. This method of rejuvenation is the most effective. With its help wrinkles are removed forever, and the skin becomes smooth and smooth. Apply plastic surgery to yourself with extreme caution, since this method of skin rejuvenation does not always go without effects on the face.
  4. Anti-aging facial massage is not such a radical measure of facial skin restoration as plastic surgery. The sessions of massage for the face can be carried out both at home and in cosmetology cabinets. The latter option is preferable: a specialist in the field of massage will make it more effective. If the massage is done at home by yourself, then you need to remember that the movements of the hands should be directed strictly along the massage lines. Otherwise, the number of wrinkles on the face can only increase.
  5. Face cream rejuvenating. To prolong the youthfulness of the skin of the face, you should use rejuvenating facial creams on a daily basis. They include both natural and artificial enzymes, which contribute to the rapid restoration of the structure of the skin. Some types of creams operate on the principle of lifting.
  6. “Facebuilding is the eternal youth of the face.” This statement is true. Exercises for the face will help to prolong the youth and freshness of the skin, and also make the face oval correct and tightened. Facebuilding strengthens the facial muscles and promotes the burning of excess fatty deposits. As a result, the skin is more tightly wrapped around the facial muscles, so wrinkles become almost invisible. Exercises for the face should be done daily in the morning to achieve maximum results.

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