Masks at home with all skin types

When you are going to apply masks, you need to know your skin type, because many moisturizing ingredients, herbal mixtures and acids are effective not only in terms of rejuvenation, but can provoke a number of dermatological problems if the type is determined incorrectly. Compression masks are popular, but they do not suit everyone. How to just find out:

  • normal skin has an even surface, a uniform tone, it is elastic to the touch, pores are imperceptible;
  • dry dermis pinkish-yellowish color with fine pores, very thin, often has signs of peeling;
  • oily skin has a yellow-gray or earthy tinge, enlarged pores, oily shine, pronounced inflamed elements, but due to abundant secretion of sebum for longer than other types retains elasticity and elasticity;
  • Combined skin – the most common of all, it is characterized by fat on the forehead, nose and chin, but cheeks have a normal or even dry skin.

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