Methods of skin rejuvenation at home

Every woman thinks about how to preserve the youthfulness of the face skin at home. The ideal recipe for skin rejuvenation, without spending a lot of time – is the regular implementation of the “golden” rules:

  1. very morning you need to start with washing (the face should not be wiped with a towel);
  2. daily in the morning and in the evening apply to the clean skin of the face rejuvenating cream;
  3. for 10-15 minutes to perform gymnastics for the face every day;
  4. do peelings and masks with a rejuvenating effect 2 times a week.

A variety of television programs, the media and the Internet tell how to rejuvenate the face. It is recommended for the rejuvenation of the skin to use proven folk medicine or qualitative cosmetology products that have been well tested. Creams, rejuvenating facial masks, home-made peelings, and factory production give an excellent result regarding the smoothing of old and the appearance of new wrinkles on the face. The safest way to make the face skin younger is facebuilding. It does not harm the health of a person, and regular charging for the face will after some time completely remove the unsightly wrinkles and even, so-called, “double chin.”

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